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Summer Initiative

We are rolling out our Summer Initiative from now until the end of August. If you have a child at home who needs snacks and some extra grub for your families' dinners, apply today! If you qualify, we will move you up our priority sheet and you will receive a food care-package.      


Our organization seeks to provide supplemental food, nutrition, and clothing that does not discriminate based on someone's current income or living situation. We will make our decision on who will receive the requested resources based on the greatest need and location of the next delivery. The delivery of the food will be made in reusable and recyclable containers to reduce the environmental impact. 


If you are selected, we will send an email confirmation to you. Some of the food will be refrigerated immediately or taken out of severe weather. We require an active phone number in case deliveries are early, late, or we need help to find you. In the event we cannot reach you, we will either leave the delivery at your indicated location or bring it back with us to prevent it from spoiling. We may also use your story, while omitting personal information for privacy concerns, to promote Another Hand's missions and raise awareness.

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