Why Donate towards fighting food insecurity in the DFW? 

     Can you help by donating to a family in need? If you have any extra non-perishable goods, please let us know! We will come to retrieve the food from you, create a care-package, and then deliver it to a family suffering from food insecurity. 

Let us know what you can give and where we can pick up!
Can you give a cash gift?

With nearly 8 Million people living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, there are going to be people that go without a meal.

In the state of Texas alone, food insecurity is higher than the national average at 17 percent. 

In Tarrant County, food insecurity is at 18.1%. That is 2.7% above the national average.
       -340,620 people are food insecure.

Of these individuals, 36% of them do not qualify for any government programs.

We hope to start a movement that begins with feeding a few and leads to feeding the nation. Your contribution today will feed a neighbor tomorrow! 

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Healthy and nutritious foods

The common mistake made by teens is that they skip breakfast. Parents keep harassing these young people and pushing them to eat breakfast. Nowadays, young people worry about their appearance, and above all, almost all girls want to have slim figures. But skipping breakfast to get there is not a wise decision. Breakfast should provide more than 30 percent of the day's nutrition, and if these teens skip this important meal, they will be deprived of essential nutrients. Their performance in studies will also decrease.

Adolescence is the most important phase of life. Therefore, these young people need to eat well and prepare for future challenges. Another point that these people may not know is that if they skip breakfast, they can overeat during the next meal, which will cause excess weight and fat.

Anemia is another problem teens can face if they carelessly skip breakfast. The oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood will decrease due to anemia. Young girls may also have an iron deficiency at this age.


By adopting a healthy and nutritious diet, this problem can be overcome.

One of the most serious mistakes made by teens is that they eat a lot of junk food and processed foods. These are not only unhealthy, but they contribute greatly to fat and weight gain. Above all, processed foods contain many chemical preservatives, and these preservatives, being toxins, are retained by the body's fat cells. Thus, these young people will have a hard time getting rid of these strong fat cells. In addition, if they consume drinks that contain a lot of bad carbohydrates, these young people will not be able to control their weight gain.

Instead of eating such unnecessary foods, these teens should eat more fiber-containing fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy grain foods. Of course, most teens like to have tasty dishes. This aspect can also be taken care of because you have many varieties of fruits and vegetables, and you can also make hundreds of tasty foods with healthy grains. Parents should also pay attention to the taste aspect as these youngsters expect. By doing so, they can guarantee these adolescents an adequate supply of all essential nutrients.

If teens are participating in more physical activities like sports and games, they should make sure they have more nutrition. In fact, young people should get involved insufficient physical activity. It will make them healthier.

Since the mind and body should develop well during adolescence, it is very important to eat healthy foods and, therefore, young people should understand the importance of eating nutritious foods.

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